Established in 1970, Ohio Aluminum Industries quickly became a leader in the production of complex aluminum castings.  including grade C castings, grade B castings, auxiliary power unit housings, control arms, cylinder heads, engine blocks, knuckles, manifolds, pump housings, gear boxes, etc.  We strive to provide excellent customer service and we are consistently praised for our constructive responses to customer issues.  Sand castings weigh from 1 pd to 100 pds and our permanent mold castings range from 1 pd to 45 pds.  We are AS 9100 Compliant and we are NADCAP certified for Heat Treat, Metallurgical Lab, Welding and Non-Destructive Testing (including Zyglo/Penetrant Inspection and X-Ray).   Our aluminum foundry is 75,000 square feet and we also maintain a 15,000 square feet storage facility.  Annual sales are approximately $20 million.  We make a wide range of aluminum sand castings and aluminum permanent mold castings for a diverse group of customers. No customer comprises more than 20% of our sales.

Industries that we serve:

  • Defense - Missile components, tank and transport components, radiator housings, fuel systems, torpedo pump housings
  • Aerospace/Aircraft - Fuel control and pump housings, gear boxes, actuation housings, environment control housings
  • Commercial - Truck manifolds, valve and gear covers, oil pans, engine support brackets, cylinder heads and suspension parts
  • Automotive/Truck - Suspension parts, cylinder heads, differential housings, water pumps, oil pump housings, manifolds

Molding Processes:

  • Dry Sand
  • Green Sand
  • Permanent Mold

We pour a wide array of aluminum alloys, and we can customize alloys upon request.  Alloys that we pour include, but are not limited to:

206, A206, 319F, 355, C355, 356, A356, 357, A357, 380 and RR350