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  • Fuel control and pump housings, gear boxes,  actuation housings, environment control housings 
  •   Suspension parts, cylinder heads, differential housings, water pumps, oil pump housings, manifolds
  • Truck manifolds, valve and gear covers, oil pans, engine support brackets, cylinder heads and suspension parts
  • Boeing Joint Strike Fighter Missile components, tank and transport components, radiator housings, fuel systems, torpedo pump housings
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Ohio Aluminum Foundry is a leading producer of complex aluminum castings using dry sand, green sand and permanent mold processes.  
  • Dry Sand

    Dry Sand casting is the best method for making intricately cored aluminum castings and high strength aluminum castings for Read More
  • Permanent Mold

    (also called Permold) Ohio Aluminum foundry uses permanent mold casting and semi-permanent mold casting processes to achieve high strength Read More
  • Green Sand

    Ohio Aluminum's green sand foundry uses a Cope and Drag line and 2 Squeezer lines to produce castings for Read More
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